Taxes. Clients. Projects. These words, and many more, can sound extremely daunting to someone only starting out their career in freelance writing, especially for freelance tech writing jobs. However, there are millions of people out there who are working technical writing freelance jobs, and enjoying much success.

Successful Freelance Technical Writers

Although the starting out process can seem extremely arduous, it is not really the case. Especially with our assistance and this is exactly where we come into the picture. Our site presents you with tips for newbies to the world of freelance writing.

We have a step-by-step guide on starting out in the world of freelance writing, and with our guidance, we can help you achieve monumental success as a freelance writer. We cover every aspect of the field, ranging from the marketing side to filing your taxes as a freelancer.

How To Get Technical Writer Jobs From Home

The most frustrating aspect of freelance writing is the seemingly impossible task of landing your first job as a freelancer. Due to this, we have many pages devoted on giving you the best tips to attain your first freelance tech writing jobs.

Once you have achieved a good relationship with a few of your clients, you will realize how other jobs come pouring in; before no time you may be the one rejecting more client work since you already have too much of it with our helpful guides!

Online Writers Wanted For Our Site

Furthermore, our site is also looking for technical writers to create content for our site. If you feel that you are up to the high standards we expect from our writers, we highly suggest that you apply by clicking on the ‘contact’ tab on our website. Over there, you will find instructions on how to apply.