How To Become A Christian Freelance Article Writer

Religion is among the pillars of human life. Many believe that through Christianity, they have been able to live and become successful. For those who have challenges in life, too, like reading Christian articles or scriptures to make their faith stronger. Therefore, if you are thinking of becoming a Christian freelance writer, then you have a ready audience.

There are many websites that you can post your work and get paid for it, so if you are skilled in writing nourishing and spiritual Christian articles. Then you have the opportunity. Not only will you write for Christian websites but also magazines.

Before you get to know about the sites and magazines, here are some tips that can help you win Christian article writing jobs.

  1. Personal Experiences

    For you to connect easily with readers, you need to write about your personal experiences. Let them know that what they are undergoing is something normal and not only to them. When you use that, you will get many people who read your articles when you post them. If you look at the successful Christian blogs or magazines. They incorporate their personal life stories for the reader to understand the information fast and easy.

  2. Audience

    To get the attention, you require you need a target audience. Without that, it will be hard for you to reach people. Like other types of article writing, you need to specify your audience. Christianity is vast, and you can decide to major in a denomination for you to get the necessity you want. Choose your audience with the utmost passion.

  3. Research

    Success doesn’t come on a silver platter. You need to take time and work hard. By that, I mean before you venture into Christian article writing, you need to research on it vastly. When you do that, it will be easier for you to get jobs faster.

Therefore, here are some of the websites and magazines you can write for and get paid.

  • Christian Courier

    If you would like to write for Christian Courier, you need to visit their website and go to the Write Us Page and send your proposal to the Editor. They usually post Christian articles bi-weekly. If you send them editorials, columnists, poetry, and reviews, you will be paid forty-five Canadian dollars. While for new Christian stories, you will get paid seventy Canadian dollars.

  • Guideposts

    Do you write Christian inspirational stories? Then it is your best chance to get paid for your writings. At Guideposts, you can secure a freelance article writing job. They major on advice to Christians on how to overcome life challenges. The minimum number of words you can write per article is 1500 words. They pay between $100 to $500 per item published.

  • Relevant Magazine

    It is a magazine for the youths. Relevant magazine educates them about faith, culture, and intentional living. As a writer, you need to inform your audience on how they can live a serene spiritual life.

The love of Christianity can help you make some income. Therefore, if you have a passion about Christian life, you can write articles that inspire other Christians and get paid for your work. Thank you for reading, and please share.